If I leave

Under the lonely moonlight,

when my sole shadow forms

Shall I tell you then what’s in my heart

Will you please hear me out?

Alerting of the sudden dawn, 

When that wind passes by,

Shall I ask as I let out a sigh,

the reason as to why I live?

Though I may be sad, I must live on.

Because I’m sad, I must live on. 

Only after my passing will I understand,

The reason as to why I came to this world.

The one who will remember (me) after I leave

may say that you loved even my sorrow.

Like the scattered sunset,

When my painful memories fade

Will I be able to then laugh over them,

And regard them as fond memories of the past?

That sole star shinining above,

Perhaps it knows of my loneliness

Unable to  bear leaving me alone,

It lingers there all night.

The one who will be saddened, far away in the future after I leave

Makes me believe that even in my sorrow, I was happy.


Jo Sumi – If I leave- The Last Empress OST

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