ATB-My saving grace!

If I go, would you wait? Would you wander
Would you know what I’m thinking and why I’m ashamed
Of the girl I am and the stranger that I became
Hold tight to the heart of an angel you’ll never know
Cuz her face looks more like mine
And it keeps you going just knowing I’m here tonight

So let me fall, let me love you
Let me free your inner child
Let me sit inside your silence
Let me ease the hurt you hide
Cuz I’m alive, I’m unlucky
I’m a line too fine to trace
But I could be your consolation
If you’d be my saving grace

My wild world is the shape of a sound that can’t be heard
But it rings when I’m unraveled by you
There’s a quiet storm and my skin gets torn and I wake brand new

Higher and brighter than yesterday
But I’m still a dark, mysterious night
When the sun descends and the moon leads you to my side

Just reach into the heart of you
Is as simple and true as the love you inspire in me
So let me fall

All I wanna do is reach into the heart of you
All I wanna be is as simple and true as the love you inspire in me
So let me fall.



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