I believe…

Don’t believe you know me
Although you know my name
I don’t believe the faults I have
Are only mine to blame.
I don’t believe in magic
It’s only in the mind
I don’t believe i’d love somebody
Just to pass the time..

But I.. believe in you
And I..believe in you

I don’t believe that beauty
Will ever be replaced
I don’t believe a masterpiece
Could ever match your face
The joker’s always smiling
In every hand that’s dealt
I don’t believe that when you die
Your presence isn’t felt.

And if you ever have to go away
Nothing in my world could ever be the same
Nothing lasts for ever, but together ‘till the end
I’ll give you everything I have again and again.

Cause I believe In you, I believe In,

I believe, I believe, I believe in you….




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