Trance lover!

Fading of the day,
As night takes over
And I can almost feel you here.

Your memory remains,
I breath it closer
I swear that I still feel you near.

The cool wind is taking over,
it’s taking over,
So far away
You’re gone so long and I’m waiting.
Till that day,
Haunted by your grace
You know I’m falling.
So cool without you,
Always in my mind
I hear you calling.

So far away,
You’re gone so long and I’m waiting.

Staring at the top sheet,
Listening to my hearth beat
Wondering how to say it…
Playing over one track,
Wanting you to come back
Want to have you here.

Lying on a cold sheet
Jump into my car seat,
Drive down to the river
Nightlight its reflecting.
Somehow I’m expecting,
Your voice in my ear
I wish that I could tell you…
All the things that you do.

Come back ‘cause I’m gonna be a lonely girl again
Lying in the long grass
Watching as the clouds pass,
Hands held in silence…
Your arms right around me,
Feeling glad you found me,
Feeling like I’m home.

Wish you would remember
April to september,
Wanting to be near me
Racing for the sunrise,
Staring into my eyes,
You and I alone.

I wish that I could tell you…
Lay back in my own dream
Playback on a big screen,
You and me together
Why give up a love found,
Wish that I could write down
What you mean to me.
Was it so wrong
No, you said you loved me
Could it be so easy
Just to walk away?

Rejection’s like an ice cold bath
But the water’s feelin’ good this time,
And I hate that I misread you boy,
But I can’t resist no-crossing signs when
You’re an open invitation to a heartache,
A painful kind of good, I should just leave alone but it’s too late.

I’m right back where I started out,
Not a lot to show, just memories
But I took what I could get from you, now I’m off,
To fill the void, you see
I got a habit I can’t break, so it does all the breaking,
And a heart that’s slow to heal, cause I fall for the ones
Who are taken.

You never said that I’m your baby,
You never said that I’m the one,
You never said you’d try, or that you’d take me or you’d leave me
You just said goodbye, you said goodbye.

And you just kept walkin’ baby,
I couldn’t have stopped you if I tried,
I was such a fool to think it might have led…
To something fulfilling baby,
And had you been willing maybe
I wouldn’t have these thoughts runnin’ through my head.

You see the world through your window
You don’t even go outside anymore,
You only feel safe feeling hollow
You think your scars are way too deep to be cured,
But stay for a while
Let me hold you tonight.

Just open your eyes you will see the light shine
You don’t have to be frozen,
You don’t have to be broken tonight.
You hide your heart in the shadows,
So afraid to open up to anyone
But I can see your faded halo,
And I can make it burn again, like the sun.



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